Five bondage-loving friends rent a huge villa in Mexico for a weekend of fun, sun, and partying. During dinner they are unaware of a fiendish villain who is watching them. The friends party a little too hard and sleep heavy and late. During the early morning the villain walks in the front door. One at a time our heroines are bound, gagged and grouped together for the start of a wondrous vacation. Waterbondage. Unfortunately, we decided not to pursue BondageTrials as a new site. We were worried about models trying too hard to win their trial, and not using their safe word as a result. We are presenting our initial shoots here on hogtied as BONUS (EXTRA) updates. This trial was shot on location, Madison and Star battle it out in this update with guest referee Jenni Lee.

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Waterbondage Babydoll (site) had the most intense reactions to being tied and played with that I have ever seen. The scenes ended with her covered in sweat. She took several machines while restrained by our stocks. Later, she wore nipple suckers that shock, and electrodes in her pussy and ass. With a little flogging thrown in, the combination seemed to send her crazy.

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Waterbondage Goldie water bondage waterbondage promo www waterbondage The girls want to find someone to capture them all and put them into bondage in a controlled and consensual environment.
Water bondage waterbondage jade waterbondage com members However, its still a sexy set, and watching such a beautiful woman with such a perfect pussy experiment with her sexuality was worth it for me
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Waterbondage Water bondage movies promo waterbondage com water bondage movies The following EXTRA BONUS weekend update is a video job interview if you will.
Www waterbondage free vids waterbondage movie tied waterbondage The double penetration at the end is a classic.
Waterbondage videos waterbondage passwords free water bondage Now I'm left to wonder how does a woman like this get satisfaction with a regular cock??
Promo waterbondage com water bondage waterbondage video There have been very few girls that have been requested for a re-shoot as much as Kelly
Free water bondage vids bondage water water bondage clip Seeing Jade enjoy the machines so much is what makes it all worth-while
Www waterbondage com password extreme or water or bondage water bondage free clip Allison is a local girl that has shot for some of our other sites
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Www water bondage hogtied waterbondage goldie water bondage After shooting Holly then Alana and finding out they knew each other, and were best friends, the next step was logically to shoot them together and see how they would fuck each other with the machines.
Hogtied waterbondage waterbondage videos promo waterbondage I don't think we'll be getting tired of Jenni Lee any time soon
Www waterbondage com members free water bondage vids water bondage video She also enjoyed being precariously placed on a wooden block while in the cage - she dare not fight the fuckingmachine in case the dildo catches her leg and pushes her over!
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Water bondage videos water bondage videos waterbondage gallery Jenni Lee is still in the jungle (see part 2), and is brought back, broken by Sgt.

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